Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gustaf Tenggren

Gustaf Tenggren
Born 1896 - Died 1970

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This version of the Grimm Brothers tale, The Golden Goose, was published as a Little Golden Book, ©1954 Simon and Schuster. It was written amd illustrated by Tenggren. As one of three sons of a woodchopper, Dummling is the only one to share his meal with a little old man. Dummling is given a golden goose as a reward. Three innkeeper's daughters try to each take a feather, but find themselves stuck to one another. Very soon there is a procession of people stuck to each other. A princess who has not laughed or smiled in three years sees the procession and it sends her into a spell of laughter. Her father, the king, had promised her hand in marriage and half the kingdom to anyone who could make her smile or laugh. Dummling gets the princess and half of the kingdom.

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Karswell said...

Stunning, his use of color is just inspiring to no end.