Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jack Davis

Jack Davis
American cartoonist and illustrator
b. 1924

Jack Davis has a career unparalleled in American cartooning or illustrating. He started out in the early 1950s scaring kids with covers and stories for Tales From The Crypt, then went into Mad comics and magazine, and from there branched into advertising and every other medium available.

Because of his skill at humor most of his work is funny, but he can also draw serious subjects. He illustrated three books for Random House in the mid-1960s, Meet The North American Indians, Meet Theodore Roosevelt and Meet Abraham Lincoln. With Lincoln's birthday being observed on February 12, it seems appropriate to commemorate it with these wonderful drawings by the master, Jack Davis.

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Scott Nickel said...

Simply stunning! Jack Davis has been one of my cartooning idols since I first discovered his work in MAD at age 10.

A true master.