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Florence and Margaret Hoopes

Florence and Margaret Hoopes
Born ? - Died ?

I'm unable to find out anything about the two artists, Florence and Margaret Hoopes, who did such wonderful illustrations for the Alice and Jerry series of early readers. These watercolor illustrations, done for the book The New Through The Green Gate by Mabel O'Donnell, are from the chapter about a young boy and his family visiting the circus. The pictures were done in the late 1930s for the original 1939 edition. This is a later printing, ©1952 by Row, Peterson and Company.


Stiegie said...

Florence and Margaret Hoopes contact: Mary Jo Larsen Ithaca NY or Karen Larsen O'Donnell Philadelphia. They knew both sisters well.

Stiegie said...

Regarding Florence and Margaret Hoopes, you may want to contact Mary Jo Larsen in Ithaca, NY. She knew them well and is a wonderful artist herself.

atsticklen said...

Both Margaret and Florence Hoopes passed away some time ago, in the late 1970's or early 1980's. I can check the facts on the exact dates if you would like. My great-aunt was Mabel O'Donnell and those three ladies were really good friends. My aunt lived in Aurora, Il. and the Hoopes sisters lived in the Philadelphia area. They were all introduced because of the Alice and Jerry series (Evanston, Il.). My dad is the Jerry in the series and many of the events in the books really did take place with the illustrations also recording a visual picture. There was a real Miss Lizzie, Grandmother, Mother, Mr. Carl and on and on. Not only were the Hoopes sisters children book illustrators, but Florence was equally known for her landscapes done in oils. With the book, Singing Wheels, Florence, Margaret and my aunt traveled and spent time in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to research and sketch what would then become book illustrations. Anyway, I could go on and on. I hope this provides you with the info you were looking for regarding the Hoopes sisters.

Kurious said...

It took me a while to find them but I did find the sisters listed in the Hoopes Family Record.

"#3991 Margaret Campbell Hoopes was born Jluy 23 1893 in St. David's Delaware Co. PA and died unmarried in October 1956.

#3992Florence June Hoopes was born October 5 1895 in St. David's, Del Co, PA

Margaret and Florence were both artists of somenote. Among the children's books that they illustrated were the Alice and Jerry Readers, sixteen books in all, covering the years 1936-1939."

That's all I could fined for you. Ifound your site and your question quite by accident. I hope this was helpful, though there is not much to go on.

Jim Hoopes

Kurious said...


cimomnow said...

I, too, am researching information about the Hoopes sisters. Am writing a book about well-loved illustrators of American readers from the 1940's and 1950's. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

S. Barribeau said...

As bibliographer for the Cairns Collection of American Women Writers, I recently purchased an archive of 25 sketchbooks of the Hoopes sisters. If interested in using these for research or if you have other questions about them please contact Susan Barribeau, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison,

I'm interested in learning more about these two illustrators.

Regards, Susan

Unknown said...

I have a wonderful book entitled, "I know a story", illustrated by Florence and Margaret Hoopes. I just came across it in a box of things and I still love looking at the illustrations. I looked up their name so I could see their other works and found your site. For those of you doing research, It was written by Miriam Blanton Huber,Frank Seely, professor of Education at Arizona State Teacher's College Salisbury and Mabel O'Donnell. It was published by Row Peterson and Company in 1938. The illustrations seem stylistically very different than the Alice and Jerry Readers.

Emma said...

Birth/Death Lived/Active Often Known For
- 1893 - 1956 Delaware book illustrator
* Book Illustration
* Children's Book Illustrator
* Illustration, Illustrator

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