Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mel Crawford

Mel Crawford
Born Canada 1925
Illustrator/teacher/fine artist

Of all the artists' work I've shown samples of I don't think I've shown anyone as versatile as Mel Crawford, an illustrator with superior skills.

These are two examples of his work in wildly divergent styles. Fury, a Little Golden Book from 1958, is done in a straight illustrative style. The figure drawing, and especially the horse, are superb.

Yogi Bear and The Cranky Magician is from the Top Top Tales series published by Whitman, copyright 1963 by Hanna-Barbera productions. It's done in a wonderful H-B animation style. It seems Crawford could draw anything. Most artists would be lucky to be so skilled in one style or the other, much less both.

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Fury Takes The Jump
©1958 Television Programs of America, Inc.

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