Sunday, July 6, 2008

On Hiatus

For the time being Illustration Station is on hiatus due to technical reasons.

I hope to have it back online in the near future. Thanks for your support!


Karswell said...

Bummer. Wuh up?

Sea_of_Green said...

Hope you're back soon! I miss updates of all the lovely artwork. :-(

Maureen said...

Just found you today doing a Henry C. Pitz search!! Can't wait until your "HIATUS" is over and you are back on line.
I collect original illustrations.
Have originals by some of the artists you have bios on.
Hurry back!! I enjoyed reading what you have taken such great time to put out there.
Maureen G.

Bugman said...

Hope to have you back soon! I am looking forward to a follow up on artist Fred Banbery